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Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply to criticism towards her from other singers.
Bays was recently advocated what 'dissin' "Do not ruin the image", which was addressed solely Tune for its controversial gestures touching the bird and through his tremendous success.
In the verses of this song Bays tried to exposed Tune and the latter by the well know what is going on. Bird said in an interview Prive that this was an attempt to become famous on her side.
"Often they have defined as presumptuous, as someone who does not speak, but I'm not well. I know what it is when you ask for that and let me express it. "
"I do not cure patients. Until now I had my way too much trouble, but I was real. I was always that I am today, the direct and correct my style. There have been many who have tried to achieve fame in my heels, but no ... instead they got wind, "said Tuna for Prive show on Klan Kosova.
Tuna said among other things that there are nearly new projects, which will be published in September and which will be worthy to succeed superhitin "Fenix​​" in cooperation with Cozman.
"Fenix​​" a month after launch has managed to generate about six million clicks.