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Father and son lived 40 years in the jungle!

Authorities in Vietnam have found after 40 years a 80 year old man and his 41 year old son, who lived in a jungle, in the central part of Vietnamit.Babai and son disappeared during the war against the Americans, Vietnamese authorities say. Communication with them is almost impossible, because the father speaks dialect, while the son knows only a few words.
They were seen for the last time in 1973, when fled to the mountains after their village was targeted bombing. From this woman were killed and two other children with the man, who was then 40 years old, reports the Journal Three Vietnamese daily newspaper.
Two people from the surrounding villages long ago found a hut in the jungle, 40 miles away from their home. They informed the local authorities then launched searches.

Father and son survived by eating vegetables and hunting. During the 40 years they had no contact with the outside world, while living in a shack built on a tree. 

Who said that Albanians do not know how to celebrate?

These days televisions are filled with news about the crazy that made ​​holidays in Albania, especially in the south. Foam-party, parades and other hot things. There are some who say that this is excessive, since the vast majority of people do not enjoy such holiday feast, but others say that it advertises Albania as a tourist destination. These pictures belong to a party organized by Folie Terrace, Webster called Fashion Week-end.

Ronaldo father for the second time?

Model Irina Shayk appears to be pregnant. For the moment, everything still remains within the unconfirmed rumor, but it seems that the Russian model expecting a child by her husband, Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
However this would not be "the first alarm for pregnancy" for the couple, however it seems that this time the news is true.
According pink press, Irina has celebrated the news with a nice holiday with some of her friends. It seems that beauty has spent the whole evening with all happiness pet belly. However by the time the couple has not been any confirmation.
Remember that Ronaldo already has a son with Shayk, which has dubbed Jr. Cristiano Ronaldo.

It happened, the head judge camera (Video)

Not spectacular footage from television video remixes, as are commonly used to look at football matches but by the cameras located at the head of the match referee.
This experiment proved the friendly match between Rome and the stars of Major League Soccer, U.S. football championship.

Such impressive scenery, very close to the field of play not seen before and something drew the attention of the players themselves.

The couple married in river fishermen (Photo)

For many couples wedding ceremonies were spending a lot of time, dedication and expense to realize their dream of a more perfect ceremony ... their view.
For a couple in Alaska to the United States, to sport fishing enthusiast, their dream was to get married in the cold waters of the river. They exchanged rings in front of the priest immersed in water up to the knee.

Respective associates standing next to the bride and groom with fishing rods ... and it was a good day, fell in some fish hooks.

Neymar slips and become staunch in an ad (Video)

Had it not be missing either. After being diagnosed with the disease of anemia, when Neymar went 'NO' in a spot. In fact, the Brazilian striker was the protagonist of a scroll during the shooting of a spot in Bangkok for clothing giant, Nuke. Of course, the new Barcelona player went in and did his job, but that scene was in the mind of the audience.

Tuna and Cozman together in concerts