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Wiley, about love?

Wiley, with a new boyfriend? She herself says 'no', but rumors circulating recently to, say the opposite. Ylli of our scene is spoken to have launched a love story with journalist from Kosovo, Granit Miftari, who accompanies everywhere singer.
The contacting of the "Bluetooth" Genta himself has denied this news, saying that 'the granite are very good friends'. But, despite her statement, at the television voices 'Klan' where she is engaged seriously these days as a member of the jury of "Little genius," said the singer was in a love relationship.
The same sources confirm to us that they share the same hotel together, which adds even more our suspicions for a love story.
Although the singer is accompanied at all times by his mother, Granit not shared any moment. Even recently, he has answered the call to address Genta, thus becoming a 'manager' of the time and commitment that successful singer.
However, expressive singer, invited to show "Afternoon Meeting" from Rudina Wizard, and has shown great love has to Tirana, her favorite destinations in the Albanian capital, and the key to its success in music, also said that there is still love, but nevertheless there were some boys flirte.