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Tune opposes Bays

The singer who is known for her songs which were stinging counters and some Albanian women artists of entertainment, this time decided to make a diss singer from Skopje, Tune into the new song "Do not ruin's image".

Tuna, which recently received the title of "bird" especially after recent public song 'Fenix​​' is one of the most controversial singers Albanian singer. Touching genitals in concerts and clips of their appointment with epithets like "bird" has led to the widely rumored.

But, according Gjirës, women are plaguing Tuna image Albanian women.

"Bit ** spun minxhin touches us not ruin's image", are just some of the verses of the song where Bays Tune quipped.
Throughout the song, are numerous sting address Tune directed by controversial singer, Bays