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Maja Morina picture in pools overlooking 10 years younger

Kosovo renowned singer, Maja Morina, this beach season instead satisfy fans with a set of photographs made ​​in pools, which looks 10 years younger. Of course, in these photos it appears provocative as always, but unlike some other girls who prefer to throw the screen image made ​​itself instagram, Maja has become a set of professional photographs to be introduced in the eyes perfectly public, removing any possible defects in its appearance.
It seems that the singer after the success of the song "Fucking bitch" is more and more present in Albania, occasionally frequented nightlife in Tirana. She celebrated her birthday in April in the presence of numerous guests artists, among whom Dragonforce and Big Mama. Although they talked about creating an intimacy between her and the slope, after its separation from Venus, still not known anything concrete about the status of Morina Maja, which is the mother of a 10-year-old girl