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Lasso broke gambling, lost 5 thousand euros (video)

An Albanian come back to haunt the gambling devices in the cities of Italy by hitting seven of them with an ax. The event took place at a local Fontaniva, an Italian town near Padua City, where 47-year-old Albanian had lost five thousand euros. Nure Beg had taken an ax and the momentum was back on the grass of games and had hit seven apparatus, to intimidate other people play. He then calmly came out of the grass, pointing to a sign of triumph. Coast cops waited outside to come and arrest them. Witnesses at the bar Madonnina says the father of two children visited regularly keep gambling apparatus and had lost five thousand euros in two weeks. "He comes here all the time and plays in handsets. He has won several times, but he has spent a lot of money. He is an ordinary worker and it works here. He is normally a very quiet person, "said the owner of the premises.