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Tune Cozman buy luxury villa

Even the cake was charming as it will, the "bird".
Just extremely happy and in love with her ​​colleague in duet, Cozman, she celebrated her birthday 28th cake was pretty even as she loves, with "bird". And I believe that to understand whom it comes, singer Altuna Sejdiu birthday celebration last weekend in Pristina, where he was surrounded, except her boyfriend, rapper Cozman, the group "Baba Stars".

Even the creator of the song "Fenix​​", Getoar Aegis, has meant that the cakes to be. But her fame Tuna and absolute, especially in Pristina, has made ​​me think seriously about their lives not just go through the hotels, Panorama reports.

Mësojhet the Tuna and her boyfriend are looking for a luxury home in Pristina area called "tourist village", where to have a home where you have to have a lot of money in the account. We wish this regard, when the thought to share such a house, to be serious for the couple.