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Father and son lived 40 years in the jungle!

Authorities in Vietnam have found after 40 years a 80 year old man and his 41 year old son, who lived in a jungle, in the central part of Vietnamit.Babai and son disappeared during the war against the Americans, Vietnamese authorities say. Communication with them is almost impossible, because the father speaks dialect, while the son knows only a few words.
They were seen for the last time in 1973, when fled to the mountains after their village was targeted bombing. From this woman were killed and two other children with the man, who was then 40 years old, reports the Journal Three Vietnamese daily newspaper.
Two people from the surrounding villages long ago found a hut in the jungle, 40 miles away from their home. They informed the local authorities then launched searches.

Father and son survived by eating vegetables and hunting. During the 40 years they had no contact with the outside world, while living in a shack built on a tree. 

Who said that Albanians do not know how to celebrate?

These days televisions are filled with news about the crazy that made ​​holidays in Albania, especially in the south. Foam-party, parades and other hot things. There are some who say that this is excessive, since the vast majority of people do not enjoy such holiday feast, but others say that it advertises Albania as a tourist destination. These pictures belong to a party organized by Folie Terrace, Webster called Fashion Week-end.

Ronaldo father for the second time?

Model Irina Shayk appears to be pregnant. For the moment, everything still remains within the unconfirmed rumor, but it seems that the Russian model expecting a child by her husband, Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
However this would not be "the first alarm for pregnancy" for the couple, however it seems that this time the news is true.
According pink press, Irina has celebrated the news with a nice holiday with some of her friends. It seems that beauty has spent the whole evening with all happiness pet belly. However by the time the couple has not been any confirmation.
Remember that Ronaldo already has a son with Shayk, which has dubbed Jr. Cristiano Ronaldo.

It happened, the head judge camera (Video)

Not spectacular footage from television video remixes, as are commonly used to look at football matches but by the cameras located at the head of the match referee.
This experiment proved the friendly match between Rome and the stars of Major League Soccer, U.S. football championship.

Such impressive scenery, very close to the field of play not seen before and something drew the attention of the players themselves.

The couple married in river fishermen (Photo)

For many couples wedding ceremonies were spending a lot of time, dedication and expense to realize their dream of a more perfect ceremony ... their view.
For a couple in Alaska to the United States, to sport fishing enthusiast, their dream was to get married in the cold waters of the river. They exchanged rings in front of the priest immersed in water up to the knee.

Respective associates standing next to the bride and groom with fishing rods ... and it was a good day, fell in some fish hooks.

Neymar slips and become staunch in an ad (Video)

Had it not be missing either. After being diagnosed with the disease of anemia, when Neymar went 'NO' in a spot. In fact, the Brazilian striker was the protagonist of a scroll during the shooting of a spot in Bangkok for clothing giant, Nuke. Of course, the new Barcelona player went in and did his job, but that scene was in the mind of the audience.

Tuna and Cozman together in concerts

Shaqiri makes it handsel marks in the German Cup (Video)

Xherdan Shaqiri scored a goal in the victory over Bayern Munich with 5-0 REHDER team, under the German Cup (DFB Pokal). Kosovo midfielder found the first goal of the Bavarian giants in the 18th minute. Meanwhile, three goals for European and German champion Thomas Muller realized, while another Arjen Robben added at the end of the meeting. Bayern qualified in stage further,. While the 21-year-old was the first goal this season

Water gushes into the field, stopped the match in Belgium! (Video)

An uninvited guest has stopped the Belgian championship match between Lovanios and Genkut (1-4). Underground water system that meeting has to be interrupted for a few moments, as the water came ujitësit machine itself and began to perform their jobs - watering the field, not the right moment, without taking command of the field supervisors. Neither this break of the match in the 75th minute did not help the local team, which suffered a defeat at home by giant Belgian Genk. "It is the system programmed to irrigated areas in the morning and evening, every day. We simply have forgotten that at that time the game will take place, "said the head of Dreef Den stadium in Heverlee, Albert Vanvlasselaer

Spark elected not to tempt hearts

Mujaj Shkendije provocative singer has chosen not to tempt the hearts of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan.

The spark has been covered before but this time she has chosen to be covered again.

The singer who lives in Switzerland previously stated that there was a cover girl, while according to some rumors it was about a very rich Arab businessman in this country.

These rumors were never confirmed as the spark is unclear when he speaks in interviews about her private life.

Yesterday some protale, including Telegraph have posted photos where she looks Muja cover.

The spark is known for its extremely religious posts on facebook. Here's one of them.

"I thank thee, O God, who hast grateful to you. Thank you O Allah, even when I'm confused and misled by others. You sufficient for me ", says one of the posts made ​​by spark on 17 June this year.

55 weddings for this season

We learned that all of us have wine and weddings are in Kosovo. We have often heard discussing how such and such a singer of such and such gains singer, and whenever they have "coveted" imagined their pockets full. Entertainment celebrities of Kosovo, which occurs in the spring have booked all summer, arranged to sing at weddings and numerous parties. But how much of their own pocket, the Tax Administration of Kosovo? Lots of them have refused to answer and talk about its benefits, but the prominent singer said they were regular taxpayers.Loves Shkelzen singer, known Xeni, and one of the most wanted fugitives in the "wedding market", said it was regular taxpayer.He pays 10 percent of the real value of profits from a wedding, this value that may occasionally change. "I pay 10 percent of net profit for each wedding, but it depends on the price because it is never the same," Loves Shkelzen said.He did not show much gains from a wedding party, but added that family and friends singing without money. "I will not give any figures, because often sing without money and family are friends. But the amount varies, it is never the same, "he told Xeni.So far he has recorded 55 evening held for this season, adding that there will be more. "55 weddings were registered, there will be other until the end of summer. Earnings of all weddings are sent to the Tax Administration, "said Xeni."I pay taxes that most changed regularly work to stop every night because I'm in the VAT tax, if large firms", has shown Loves to "Voice".Another singer who is engaged in various evening is Ramadan Krasniqi, who says he is among the first singers began to pay tax."No laudable, but I am the first singer I started to pay taxes, in September 2002," said Dan. He added that he regularly pays taxes, has already shown that in the summer months pays more. "In July and August after more evening weddings and different pay more than 900 euros per season, while others pay 900 months Euro ", Krasniqi said the newspaper.Dan has shown that it is more accurate payment of taxes, adding that this summer the evenings was also held not too hot."This year I was even less than in previous years, I had about 20, 13 of which are in Ulcinj, but would not go, as most evenings colleagues have failed there," singer finished Ramadan Krasniqi.Nikqi green, from a media office in Tax Administration, after the request was made before two weeks newspaper, said that "based on Law no. 03/L-222 on Tax Administration and Procedures, each taxpayer, ie in this case the singers (burlesque) who have income are obliged to carry out their tax obligations, as provided in the Law 03/L- 161 for Personal Income Tax ", as written in the law on taxes.
She added that all taxpayers are indebted to TAK, including singers, under the Law on Tax Administration and Procedures, unless you are willing to pay their debts, will be subject to enforced collection procedures by TAK " These procedures include block accounts, cash withdrawals from their bank accounts, stops to leave Kosovo until the seizure of various properties, "said Nikqi.

Ronaldo returns Mourinho: I do not spit in the plate where eat

Cristiano Ronaldo has refused to respond directly Jose Mourinho, who days earlier had considered Brazilian legend Ronaldo as true, to ridicule the Portuguese star, with whom he also worked together at Real Madrid. But neither CR7 not left without a way to return to coach 'Special One'. "There are some things in life that do not deserve to be memorized. This is one of those things and do not want to comment on various reasons.
I always respect the coaches and try to learn from them. As we say in Portugal: I do not spit in the plate where ha. This is what I feel. I prefer to try to remember the positive things, "said Ronaldo, just two days before facing right with his former coach Mourinho in the friendly tournament, Guinness International Champions Cup.

Venus 'regret' that was divided by slope

Untitled Beauty, Miss Kosovo 2011, which has now entered the music industry, recently it seems to not be doing well with sentimental life. She after a relatively long passed Dragonforce singer. Although not confirmed, because the pictures were posted on the American media, where she was seen on a yacht coupled with great holliwoodian actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

Wiley hide the body in pool

While all women show-biz summer, when they are near pools or sea, show their bikini lines, it is not like they tell us.
Although known as a woman who has no more complex, pretty Wiley covered her body, although located near a swimming pool, taking the hot rays of the sun.

I do not know good reason, has not forgotten the upper bath robes, or feels uncomfortable with her ​​body. Maybe she went there to make bathroom bikini, but this has no favorite piece to share with us.

Genta for Prive Klan Kosova Art of Noisy during (VIDEO)

Singer flow though rare in music, remains one of the most popular women to Albanian. Genta, in an interview 60 seconds to show "Prive" in Klan Kosova has revealed some secrets of her intimate life.

Genta has forgotten to do

The singer even though the flow remains rare in music as one of the most popular women to Albanian. Genta, in an interview 60 seconds to show "Prive" in Klan Kosova has revealed some secrets of her intimate life.
Would you forgive betrayal?
Are you loud during sec-tion?
I forgot.
Do you still continue to dance with legs open?
Yes, man can not dance closed down.
Albanian footballer who like more?
Albanianism footballer representing all Lorik Cana.
When the last time you lied?
I have not lied to go to a live performace that we had, I also Xuxi.
He considers as the greatest sin in life?
I have not sinned.
What is absolute happiness for you?
In what mood are found now?
Beer or wine?
I like wine.
Does the partner had left only if it was zero in bed?

No (laughs).

Wedding defiled with blood

July and August in Kosovo are more harshmit family parties. As the orthodox, or lack there of gunshots. Today at midnight almost be paying on a woman attending a wedding in Kosovo Polje. When the atmosphere was heated, a wedding party had issued pistol type Walter PPK model, kal.7.63 mm and was shot in a sign of joy. However, the lead foot caught in a wedding party, transmits the index. According to Kosovo Police, it is immediately sent to the UCC and according to doctors her condition is out of danger to life. Perpetrator is present in the Police and handed a gun with magazines. Whereas, By order of the prosecutor released the suspect after interviewing the regular procedure. The incident happened today around 03:00 to midnight at a restaurant in Kosovo Polje

Rita Ora appeared breasts (VIDEO)

No it is rarely commented on her extraordinary sense of sex, but this time Rita Ora perhaps unintentionally revealed to her intimate parts.

  Even before Rita was commented on by or inadvertently revealing parts of her body, but this time it happened during one of the most important advertising career Albanian singer.

During fotosesionit for DKNY in New York at Times Square, Rita at a moment's notice that emerge clearly seeing breasts that she had chosen above a translucent dress that dominates the color black.
Rita Ora is currently known about the British producer Calvin Harris.

Vali Corleone, the "Hummer" Armour

Controversial character from Gnjilane, Vali Corleone, known to be an unprecedented luxury, but not to any other value, has released its new car, the brand name "Hummer", which he described as "Special No.1".
He says the car which has a kamufluese out, has a very shtrnjtë price. According to him, only the front glass which is armored, much as two "Hummer" normal, the market price of which is also very high.
Vali in posting pictures of his new car, writes that it's all special, in all elements, both from outside and from within.

Rita Hour lose bowels!

The most expensive team history

Merkato this year has begun with the sensational buzz and costly and would also seem to end. Përfliten boggling sums for players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale and the trend is increasing, while the recent purchase of more expensive belongs to PSG for 63 million transferred from Napoli Edinson Cavani. It is enough to see how the players have increased prices in years where the first ten largest shopping story begins Hernan Crespo to Lazio which in 2000 paid 55 million euros into the coffers of Parma. In ninth place is another striker, he also South American. Brazilian Porto Hulk left to join the Zenith figure to 55 million euros and 60 million euros a salary in five seasons. Ranked eighth in the country in form striker at the moment Brazilian Neymar finally decided to leave the homeland and chose as the next destination Barcelona paid 57 million euros to secure his services. But if we unite together, in positions that they play in the game, then what would be the most expensive team in the history of football? ... / Albeu /

Escaping from prison spectacular (video)

Who said that even the high-security prisons can not be escaped?
Of course that is ...
A 33-year-old named Derek Estel has made ​​a spectacular arratisie.
He went to the phone and speak for the moment shikmin guard is removed, he is thrown out the window.

Zanfina the floor

Tuna: Cozman has a very big heart

Tuna Skopje singer has decided to speak openly sentimental life for the first time at Prive show.
It is one of the most përfoluar singers of the moment, and her private life to the public's curiosity. Tuna Prive has confessed to displacement in Kosovo and relationship with rapper Cozman.
"I left the family and everything in Skopje, because of commitments, which are more numerous Kosovo. Because I was constantly suitcase up and down, saw fit to buy a house here, "she said initially.
"It has been said many times and twice-told the media about my personal life, which I tried to defend hermetically.
What can I say and I want the public to know is that emotionally I am happier than ever. ""
Cozy is a man with a big heart. The man with the biggest heart I've known so far. You deserve a 'thank you' and a great admirer of mine, for all the positive energy that brings and has brought consistently throughout the work we have had. Colleague is first and foremost a very good and understandable ".
This implies that the couple is very happy in the company of each other, feeling as if they are in seventh heaven, although none have yet given a statement with their mouth to confirm the connection.

Serbian singer photo with "soldier"

Shines in red (Photo)

Bays, Tune: Take lesson

Tune fighting continues between media and her rival, already plotter, Gjirës. After the attack by the Bays with the song "Do not ruin the image" where the singer tries to unmask Tune controversial gesture of touching the "bird" Tuna also reacted with a thumb to the Gjirës.
"I do not cure patients. Until now I had my way too much trouble, but I was real. I was always that I am today, the direct and correct my style. There have been many who have tried to achieve fame in my heels, but not ... But they got wind, "said Tuna's show" Prive "the Klan Kosova.
It seems that this statement did not like at all Gjirës, which remotely has "hit" Tune, calling him a "whore".
In a series of posts on the official Facebook page, Bays Tune charged again for her gesture.

Rihhana, fearing for the future

End of Ronaldo: Bale will be the most expensive player in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo's days are numbered as the epithet most expensive player in the world. Because, very soon this privilege are expected to meet Welshman Gareth Bale.
The Portuguese star was transferred in 2009 from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a record of 96 million euros.
This amount could not be broken by now, but after four years, it seems that things will change.
Real Madrid is still interested in Tottenham midfielder transfer to the Santiago Bernabeu.
The latest offer of 'Los Blancos' for Spurs is: 60 million + card Angel Di Maria and Fabio Coentraos. Argentine estimated 30 million euros, while the Portuguese 20 million, which means that the supply of Madrid is equal to 110 million.
However, the club does not issue yet seen, as it requires 120 million euros for Bala. However, this transfer can be done for the amount EUR 100-110 million, breaking all records so far

When heated tempers performs bird!

Tuna Sejdiu performed last night at a discotheque in Kamenica but there was a good beginning. The worshipers filled with her ​​music and living room, discotheque in the early Tune përfomarmcës an incident has occurred between two groups of boys who own celebration interrupted minutes.
After the intervention of security, sources say Rapporteur, informal gathering of friends continued with a custom Tune: "There is Lojme t'caktuem individuals with nejën disturb us." It is not known what happened to the conflict between these two groups. Probably for a 'bird'.

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply

'Bird' becomes Shakira

Being one of the singers which is introducing more money in her account, the need to move with the look. Here she comes in a form Shakira, and are helping so many of her curly, that when there is what to say during a concert full of people, it shakes the hair.
Not a bit more complete when we see these hair, Elenën will mess with the "BB6". Tuna, as you have said, there is no day and night to sing at a concert in Kosovo, and the "bird" is living her fairytale-like fame this year.

Indeed, as you can see in the next picture, she playfully riding on this plane trip and started improvising, as do VIPs world famous private jets.

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply to criticism towards her from other singers.
Bays was recently advocated what 'dissin' "Do not ruin the image", which was addressed solely Tune for its controversial gestures touching the bird and through his tremendous success.
In the verses of this song Bays tried to exposed Tune and the latter by the well know what is going on. Bird said in an interview Prive that this was an attempt to become famous on her side.
"Often they have defined as presumptuous, as someone who does not speak, but I'm not well. I know what it is when you ask for that and let me express it. "
"I do not cure patients. Until now I had my way too much trouble, but I was real. I was always that I am today, the direct and correct my style. There have been many who have tried to achieve fame in my heels, but no ... instead they got wind, "said Tuna for Prive show on Klan Kosova.
Tuna said among other things that there are nearly new projects, which will be published in September and which will be worthy to succeed superhitin "Fenix​​" in cooperation with Cozman.
"Fenix​​" a month after launch has managed to generate about six million clicks.

50 rare curiosities in the world

1. Women having more children born is a Ukrainian. She was born 69 children, of whom only two had died during childbirth.

Heavier child is born into the world in 1954 by Carmelina Italian, Fdele from Aversa. Her son's birth day weighed 10.2 kg.
3. Beethoven wrote music before you introduce your head in the water. Anjshtanji up to 9 years of age did not speak normally.
4. The only monkey who is convicted by a court of chimpanzee Coco is true in Florida, in 1984. This monkey was living with unemployed artist, who gave small shows. The amount of stolen reach values ​​200 000 USD. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
5. The book holds the record for the biggest sale is one of Hillary Clinton's autobiography book "History of experiencing". On the first day of launch of this book, in June 2003, were sold in one day (record) 200 000 copies of it.
6. The most common surname in the world in international rank is surname Chang. About 75 million people in China have this surname. Second place has surname Smith in England. Some 800 000 people have this surname.
7. The largest casino in the world is MGM - HOTEL, in the metropolis of Las Vegas. In an area approximately 16 000 meter quad, found almost 3,500 different gaming machines and 165 table games.
8. The largest library in the world located in the U.S. capital Washington. This library was built on 24 April 1800. 107m found in the writings of all the arts.
9. The only elephant in the world that speaks a member of a Russian circus. This elephant can mean up to 20 keywords. The elephant has lived since childhood between people and people managed to articulate sounds.
10. The shortest man in the world is Gul Mohammed from India. After measurements made on June 19, 1990 in hospital "Rahm Manohar" New Delphi (In), was reached that it is only 57 cm and holds the record date.
11. As a small woman in the world to date is considered musters Pauline, born on November 26, 1876 in the Netherlands. After her birth, she was only 30 cm. At the age of 9 years old, she was only 55 cm and weighed 1.5 kg, while at age 19 it reached only 61 cm long.
12. State that consumes more bread in the world is Turkey. Calculations show that the average person use any bread totaling 199.6 kg.
13. Drunks more numerous in the world are in Ireland. Each person belongs to an average of 12.3 liter drink liquor, wine, beer etc..
14. Smokers are more numerous in China. According to recent calculations, in China sold 1.69 billion cigarettes (more than in any other country). Sold worldwide, 5.5 billion cigarettes.
15. Operation longest in the world lasted 96 hours total. Launched on 4 to February 8, 1951, in a Chicago hospital. Lewandowski Getrude patient after operation had reduced her weight during these 96 hours, from 280 kg to 140 kg.
16. Record length for women to maintain Zeng Jinlian from China. It has already died, but the record is not broken yet. It was 2 meter and 48 cm. (He died on February 13, 1982).
17. Record for women with heavier weight keeps American to Rosalie Bradford. In January 1987, she reached the peak and its weight, with 544 kg.
18. Youngest doctor in the world is Balamurali Ambati, born in America on June 29, 1977. He graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, on 19 May 1995, at age 17.
19. Gemini worst in the world are brothers Billy Leon, (born in 1946 and died in 1979) with his brother Benny Lloyd, was born in 1946 and died in 2001. They weighed after 6 years of age, and the other one 337 kg 328 kg.
20. As the oldest mother in the world so far held Rossana dalla Corte, was born on 18 June 1994, at the age of 63, a boy.
21. According to recent research, a man spends an average of 3350 hours throughout his life saved by being shaved.
22. When several pieces of broken glass scattered a speed 3,000 miles per hour. While the speed of the others is much smaller.
23. The largest iceberg measured to date was 200 miles long and 60 miles wide, it has been an area larger than Belgium.
24. The largest wave recorded to date was in 1971 on the island IShigaki, Japan, height 85 m.
25. On a clear night, according to the American astrologers, everyone can see no less than about 2000 stars with the naked eye.
26. Only female mosquitoes bite, while male sex repellent want to "been going" in polluted areas such as marshes, etc..
27. In 1 kg lemon has more sugar than 1 kg of strawberries. According to diet experts, it is better to consume lemon squeezed into the water.
28. State with more paved roads all over the world are thought to be France. And this is also listed in the Guinness records.
29. An eagle can see its prey 3000 meters away, while the horses can stay for up to 1 foot.
30. It is proved that any person can not sneeze without closing his eyes. Scientists have done experiments on this and have concluded that it is impossible.
31. From inside the 20-year-old girl from South Devoni, England, was issued "ball" of hair from her hair which had swallowed. It was heavy 2.5 kg. The operation was conducted in March 1985.
32. Modern computers are built based on the nervous system, but also modern computer does not even approach the level of a zvarritësi.
33. A grown man breathes approximately 25 000 times a day. But about 27% of food in developing countries ends in garbage.
34. It is proved that the possibility of falling lightning is 1 in 600,000. When it happens to all people should not have to iron things in hand.
35. Honey can stand without breaking 3000 years and therefore honey wax used to process mumjazimit.
36. Video games make kids fat and aggressive, while using the computer too was very often harms them calm nerve.
37. Housewives virtually betray men. They are satisfied with their physical activity and seek out "friend" of spiritual satisfaction internet.
38. Record of marriage has broken a 85-year-old, who is married full 130 times. The event took place in Kenya, where Ancentus Akuku stated that more can and should dictatorship to family happy.
39. An American spent a week in jail because of his three young children were burned by the sun during the holidays at the beach.
40. Building of the White House in America began in 1792. In 1800 President and Mrs. John Adams were the first family that lived there.
41. Tears discovered that the effect is to eliminate bacteria and protect eyes from infection.
42. In human language are 100 types seam to enjoy. At 130 million cells are eye sight.
43. Crocodile is the only animal that continues the extended until the last day of existence, its centimeters vary from month to month.
44. Titanic ship is considered as the first giant ship in the world. Capacity was 46,000 tons, with a length of 268 m and 53 m height. 1343 passengers can travel.
45. The longest song in the world of music kept the Soviet anthem, composed of 65 verses. In May 1987, a Canadian moderator thought to increase the anthem, which came within weeks record in 689 verses.
46. From a biliary operation made to a patient in London, surgeons removed about 230 530 small stones from his spleen size 1.5 to 15 millimeters.
47. The brain oldest in the world is found by archaeologists in Torfmoor in Florida. It found the brain of a 45-year-old who had lived approximately 8000 years ago.
48. The longest poem in the world was completed after 30 years of work by writer Jose 'Rumanzo from Ecuador. "Peru" consists of seven volumes, with a total of 5000 pages and 230 000 lines.
49. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain, while the brain of cats has more than 32 muscles.
50. It is proved that an adult bear can run as fast as a horse. While turtles can walk 10 km per hour. / Indeksonline /