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Genta has forgotten to do

The singer even though the flow remains rare in music as one of the most popular women to Albanian. Genta, in an interview 60 seconds to show "Prive" in Klan Kosova has revealed some secrets of her intimate life.
Would you forgive betrayal?
Are you loud during sec-tion?
I forgot.
Do you still continue to dance with legs open?
Yes, man can not dance closed down.
Albanian footballer who like more?
Albanianism footballer representing all Lorik Cana.
When the last time you lied?
I have not lied to go to a live performace that we had, I also Xuxi.
He considers as the greatest sin in life?
I have not sinned.
What is absolute happiness for you?
In what mood are found now?
Beer or wine?
I like wine.
Does the partner had left only if it was zero in bed?

No (laughs).