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Spark elected not to tempt hearts

Mujaj Shkendije provocative singer has chosen not to tempt the hearts of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan.

The spark has been covered before but this time she has chosen to be covered again.

The singer who lives in Switzerland previously stated that there was a cover girl, while according to some rumors it was about a very rich Arab businessman in this country.

These rumors were never confirmed as the spark is unclear when he speaks in interviews about her private life.

Yesterday some protale, including Telegraph have posted photos where she looks Muja cover.

The spark is known for its extremely religious posts on facebook. Here's one of them.

"I thank thee, O God, who hast grateful to you. Thank you O Allah, even when I'm confused and misled by others. You sufficient for me ", says one of the posts made ​​by spark on 17 June this year.