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Tuna: Cozman has a very big heart

Tuna Skopje singer has decided to speak openly sentimental life for the first time at Prive show.
It is one of the most përfoluar singers of the moment, and her private life to the public's curiosity. Tuna Prive has confessed to displacement in Kosovo and relationship with rapper Cozman.
"I left the family and everything in Skopje, because of commitments, which are more numerous Kosovo. Because I was constantly suitcase up and down, saw fit to buy a house here, "she said initially.
"It has been said many times and twice-told the media about my personal life, which I tried to defend hermetically.
What can I say and I want the public to know is that emotionally I am happier than ever. ""
Cozy is a man with a big heart. The man with the biggest heart I've known so far. You deserve a 'thank you' and a great admirer of mine, for all the positive energy that brings and has brought consistently throughout the work we have had. Colleague is first and foremost a very good and understandable ".
This implies that the couple is very happy in the company of each other, feeling as if they are in seventh heaven, although none have yet given a statement with their mouth to confirm the connection.

Serbian singer photo with "soldier"

Shines in red (Photo)

Bays, Tune: Take lesson

Tune fighting continues between media and her rival, already plotter, Gjirës. After the attack by the Bays with the song "Do not ruin the image" where the singer tries to unmask Tune controversial gesture of touching the "bird" Tuna also reacted with a thumb to the Gjirës.
"I do not cure patients. Until now I had my way too much trouble, but I was real. I was always that I am today, the direct and correct my style. There have been many who have tried to achieve fame in my heels, but not ... But they got wind, "said Tuna's show" Prive "the Klan Kosova.
It seems that this statement did not like at all Gjirës, which remotely has "hit" Tune, calling him a "whore".
In a series of posts on the official Facebook page, Bays Tune charged again for her gesture.

Rihhana, fearing for the future

End of Ronaldo: Bale will be the most expensive player in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo's days are numbered as the epithet most expensive player in the world. Because, very soon this privilege are expected to meet Welshman Gareth Bale.
The Portuguese star was transferred in 2009 from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a record of 96 million euros.
This amount could not be broken by now, but after four years, it seems that things will change.
Real Madrid is still interested in Tottenham midfielder transfer to the Santiago Bernabeu.
The latest offer of 'Los Blancos' for Spurs is: 60 million + card Angel Di Maria and Fabio Coentraos. Argentine estimated 30 million euros, while the Portuguese 20 million, which means that the supply of Madrid is equal to 110 million.
However, the club does not issue yet seen, as it requires 120 million euros for Bala. However, this transfer can be done for the amount EUR 100-110 million, breaking all records so far

When heated tempers performs bird!

Tuna Sejdiu performed last night at a discotheque in Kamenica but there was a good beginning. The worshipers filled with her ​​music and living room, discotheque in the early Tune përfomarmcës an incident has occurred between two groups of boys who own celebration interrupted minutes.
After the intervention of security, sources say Rapporteur, informal gathering of friends continued with a custom Tune: "There is Lojme t'caktuem individuals with nejën disturb us." It is not known what happened to the conflict between these two groups. Probably for a 'bird'.

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply

'Bird' becomes Shakira

Being one of the singers which is introducing more money in her account, the need to move with the look. Here she comes in a form Shakira, and are helping so many of her curly, that when there is what to say during a concert full of people, it shakes the hair.
Not a bit more complete when we see these hair, Elenën will mess with the "BB6". Tuna, as you have said, there is no day and night to sing at a concert in Kosovo, and the "bird" is living her fairytale-like fame this year.

Indeed, as you can see in the next picture, she playfully riding on this plane trip and started improvising, as do VIPs world famous private jets.

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply

Albanian superstar, Tuna, responded sharply to criticism towards her from other singers.
Bays was recently advocated what 'dissin' "Do not ruin the image", which was addressed solely Tune for its controversial gestures touching the bird and through his tremendous success.
In the verses of this song Bays tried to exposed Tune and the latter by the well know what is going on. Bird said in an interview Prive that this was an attempt to become famous on her side.
"Often they have defined as presumptuous, as someone who does not speak, but I'm not well. I know what it is when you ask for that and let me express it. "
"I do not cure patients. Until now I had my way too much trouble, but I was real. I was always that I am today, the direct and correct my style. There have been many who have tried to achieve fame in my heels, but no ... instead they got wind, "said Tuna for Prive show on Klan Kosova.
Tuna said among other things that there are nearly new projects, which will be published in September and which will be worthy to succeed superhitin "Fenix​​" in cooperation with Cozman.
"Fenix​​" a month after launch has managed to generate about six million clicks.

50 rare curiosities in the world

1. Women having more children born is a Ukrainian. She was born 69 children, of whom only two had died during childbirth.

Heavier child is born into the world in 1954 by Carmelina Italian, Fdele from Aversa. Her son's birth day weighed 10.2 kg.
3. Beethoven wrote music before you introduce your head in the water. Anjshtanji up to 9 years of age did not speak normally.
4. The only monkey who is convicted by a court of chimpanzee Coco is true in Florida, in 1984. This monkey was living with unemployed artist, who gave small shows. The amount of stolen reach values ​​200 000 USD. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
5. The book holds the record for the biggest sale is one of Hillary Clinton's autobiography book "History of experiencing". On the first day of launch of this book, in June 2003, were sold in one day (record) 200 000 copies of it.
6. The most common surname in the world in international rank is surname Chang. About 75 million people in China have this surname. Second place has surname Smith in England. Some 800 000 people have this surname.
7. The largest casino in the world is MGM - HOTEL, in the metropolis of Las Vegas. In an area approximately 16 000 meter quad, found almost 3,500 different gaming machines and 165 table games.
8. The largest library in the world located in the U.S. capital Washington. This library was built on 24 April 1800. 107m found in the writings of all the arts.
9. The only elephant in the world that speaks a member of a Russian circus. This elephant can mean up to 20 keywords. The elephant has lived since childhood between people and people managed to articulate sounds.
10. The shortest man in the world is Gul Mohammed from India. After measurements made on June 19, 1990 in hospital "Rahm Manohar" New Delphi (In), was reached that it is only 57 cm and holds the record date.
11. As a small woman in the world to date is considered musters Pauline, born on November 26, 1876 in the Netherlands. After her birth, she was only 30 cm. At the age of 9 years old, she was only 55 cm and weighed 1.5 kg, while at age 19 it reached only 61 cm long.
12. State that consumes more bread in the world is Turkey. Calculations show that the average person use any bread totaling 199.6 kg.
13. Drunks more numerous in the world are in Ireland. Each person belongs to an average of 12.3 liter drink liquor, wine, beer etc..
14. Smokers are more numerous in China. According to recent calculations, in China sold 1.69 billion cigarettes (more than in any other country). Sold worldwide, 5.5 billion cigarettes.
15. Operation longest in the world lasted 96 hours total. Launched on 4 to February 8, 1951, in a Chicago hospital. Lewandowski Getrude patient after operation had reduced her weight during these 96 hours, from 280 kg to 140 kg.
16. Record length for women to maintain Zeng Jinlian from China. It has already died, but the record is not broken yet. It was 2 meter and 48 cm. (He died on February 13, 1982).
17. Record for women with heavier weight keeps American to Rosalie Bradford. In January 1987, she reached the peak and its weight, with 544 kg.
18. Youngest doctor in the world is Balamurali Ambati, born in America on June 29, 1977. He graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, on 19 May 1995, at age 17.
19. Gemini worst in the world are brothers Billy Leon, (born in 1946 and died in 1979) with his brother Benny Lloyd, was born in 1946 and died in 2001. They weighed after 6 years of age, and the other one 337 kg 328 kg.
20. As the oldest mother in the world so far held Rossana dalla Corte, was born on 18 June 1994, at the age of 63, a boy.
21. According to recent research, a man spends an average of 3350 hours throughout his life saved by being shaved.
22. When several pieces of broken glass scattered a speed 3,000 miles per hour. While the speed of the others is much smaller.
23. The largest iceberg measured to date was 200 miles long and 60 miles wide, it has been an area larger than Belgium.
24. The largest wave recorded to date was in 1971 on the island IShigaki, Japan, height 85 m.
25. On a clear night, according to the American astrologers, everyone can see no less than about 2000 stars with the naked eye.
26. Only female mosquitoes bite, while male sex repellent want to "been going" in polluted areas such as marshes, etc..
27. In 1 kg lemon has more sugar than 1 kg of strawberries. According to diet experts, it is better to consume lemon squeezed into the water.
28. State with more paved roads all over the world are thought to be France. And this is also listed in the Guinness records.
29. An eagle can see its prey 3000 meters away, while the horses can stay for up to 1 foot.
30. It is proved that any person can not sneeze without closing his eyes. Scientists have done experiments on this and have concluded that it is impossible.
31. From inside the 20-year-old girl from South Devoni, England, was issued "ball" of hair from her hair which had swallowed. It was heavy 2.5 kg. The operation was conducted in March 1985.
32. Modern computers are built based on the nervous system, but also modern computer does not even approach the level of a zvarritësi.
33. A grown man breathes approximately 25 000 times a day. But about 27% of food in developing countries ends in garbage.
34. It is proved that the possibility of falling lightning is 1 in 600,000. When it happens to all people should not have to iron things in hand.
35. Honey can stand without breaking 3000 years and therefore honey wax used to process mumjazimit.
36. Video games make kids fat and aggressive, while using the computer too was very often harms them calm nerve.
37. Housewives virtually betray men. They are satisfied with their physical activity and seek out "friend" of spiritual satisfaction internet.
38. Record of marriage has broken a 85-year-old, who is married full 130 times. The event took place in Kenya, where Ancentus Akuku stated that more can and should dictatorship to family happy.
39. An American spent a week in jail because of his three young children were burned by the sun during the holidays at the beach.
40. Building of the White House in America began in 1792. In 1800 President and Mrs. John Adams were the first family that lived there.
41. Tears discovered that the effect is to eliminate bacteria and protect eyes from infection.
42. In human language are 100 types seam to enjoy. At 130 million cells are eye sight.
43. Crocodile is the only animal that continues the extended until the last day of existence, its centimeters vary from month to month.
44. Titanic ship is considered as the first giant ship in the world. Capacity was 46,000 tons, with a length of 268 m and 53 m height. 1343 passengers can travel.
45. The longest song in the world of music kept the Soviet anthem, composed of 65 verses. In May 1987, a Canadian moderator thought to increase the anthem, which came within weeks record in 689 verses.
46. From a biliary operation made to a patient in London, surgeons removed about 230 530 small stones from his spleen size 1.5 to 15 millimeters.
47. The brain oldest in the world is found by archaeologists in Torfmoor in Florida. It found the brain of a 45-year-old who had lived approximately 8000 years ago.
48. The longest poem in the world was completed after 30 years of work by writer Jose 'Rumanzo from Ecuador. "Peru" consists of seven volumes, with a total of 5000 pages and 230 000 lines.
49. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain, while the brain of cats has more than 32 muscles.
50. It is proved that an adult bear can run as fast as a horse. While turtles can walk 10 km per hour. / Indeksonline /

Adelina "break" at the waist

Singer Adele Tahrir, seems to have achieved the perfect body lines.
This is evidenced by the frequent pictures that she posted on the social network Twitter. Her waist appears very thin, almost "thehte".

Her pictures come from different countries, which show the movements of her through many countries, because of where Albanians live concerts everywhere.

Blero emotional, birthday wishes Teuta

Albanian pop star, Blero, publicly congratulated the birthday of his wife, actress Teuta Krasniqi.
Leon, who opened his club on Thursday night in Therandë, has used social networks to congratulate the love of his life birthday.
"My birthday my best half. I love my wife, thou kompletën. Happy birthday dear "Blero wrote on his official account on Twitter.
Leon is married to actress in 2010 and enjoys a very successful marriage with Teuta Krasniqi.
Couple seen as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham Albanians, have a child, a little girl Tara.

Blero recently launched its sixth album, titled "My Fixation '. / Telegraph /

Morena Taraku: You tell my hot days


The story Shkendije Mujaj, singer ended at home

It is unquestionably one of the women commented in Albania and Kosovo. Mujaj Spark is a highly curved behalf of the Albanian public, and more than for songs that have launched so far in the market, it is known as a beautiful woman, full of grace, to form rounded body and provocative photos that time to time posting on social networks. The strongly associated with her ​​birthplace, Peja, Mujaj life of several years is divided between Kosovo and Switzerland. Will want to be active in art, because music is one of her passions large, but "prayer" of the family, who have never loved you to enter the world of music have struck its momentum, but not stopped. It tells us that there are some professional projects in mind, but as we Month of Ramadan and we are fasting is a break period. And precisely on her faith in God, and men report themselves, plastic interventions, receiving harassing comments, daily activity, relationship with fans, etc.., Sparks reveals to us in the interview, given to "Koha Jone".
Dealing with that is currently Shkendije?For the moment I ceased all activities regarding art because fasting.How many songs so far and counting which of them remain with his girlfriend for you?A total of 16 songs in Albanian, while song that remains dear to me is titled, "Heart m'loton blood" and the English album, "This is the time" and "Rainbow of Love".Can you mention some of the best collaborators in music and for what I value most?The virus, Elite 5, Ilir Berane, Enis Presevo, are some of the names of my collaborators, who appreciate the most because of their professionalism.What do you think makes you special Shkendije that other artists?Hmmm ... I think that many things. Each has a different story that has supported up to success or fame, while I'm totally the opposite of what you used to see until now. My family has been against from the beginning when I expressed a desire to become a singer and because of this I was only partly active in music. Even when I had the same had happened in history, namely the tendency was close to the home. Thus, the only way for me has been the Internet and the physical appearance has fallen more in the eye. And the beauty of this whole story is that the media have not knocking to me and I to the media, which makes me even more proud.Your name is already well known thanks to your graces. How do you feel as you listen and get so many compliments?Always thank God for my graces, but I also genetic presentation. My father today seems physically more fit than a few young men.Compliment, comment or message with beautiful fans sent to you?There are more, but I like when I realize that the simplest and when they realize this with say, "wow s'qenke quite presumptuous" to meet or live with say, "Art thou the best."If any supporter in particular?Hmm ... I have the right to tell you some sympathetic little strange, that they've started to revolve around the apartment. This thing scares me a little.What more we estimate your character?I have the heart to all, in different ways.Yes physically and why?Hmmm ... the back of course. Teeth, lips eyes, because always ask "are there really yours?"!You know your life is divided between Kosovo and Switzerland. What connects you so much what you like Switzerland and mostly there?I'm grown in Switzerland, while Peja was born. There are many differences between these countries, starting from the mentality, culture, etc.. and of course different functions differently Switzerland as a country of my Kosovo, but however much I love my country as it is. There is more need for changes, but everything in time. We are still under development. We like Switzerland with mostly purity, safety in every aspect and above all laws that function properly.How do you see the lives of young people in Kosovo? But the artistic life in the country?Youth of Kosovo has great potential in various fields, are very positive even though the state does not offer you many opportunities, however, are willing and smiling, optimistic and creative. I love Albanian youth and say without fear that is beautiful from any youth that I have seen. As for the artistic life of the country, unfortunately, youth in Kosovo there is little opportunity to display talent, but anyway I like that are willing to work, although not as well as you bring material gain.What to do in an ordinary day in your city?When we come to Mom'm like Peja Hotel. Even here where I grew up, so I am also in Switzerland as Officiel Hotel. When I wake up in the morning, first drink a Turkish coffee, of course with my mom, then make plans for the day so stay, you will be visiting, etc. .. Then cook dinner with my mom, who has the habit Take slightly more traditional foods. There are times that even complain when I get around town. Does not like to stand out, but wants to hang with all the time and when stress becomes out with the phone. Exercises and practice the sport of night life do not generally nocturnal in Kosovo.Since went out to the night life, how and where it differs with that of Kosovo in Switzerland?Are two entirely different worlds, but each has lezetin.Two years ago have been part of "Vip", a spectacle quite followed by Albanians. How would you describe that experience, now after so long Shkendije?We "Vip" I was only a guest, because parents were against the fact that enter inside, so you please and I only made guest. It was a good experience, but also positive and negative.You like the world of television and you ever to be part of it?I like, if it comes to professionalism.Hobbies, your passions with large, besides music?Belly dancing, sports, reading, meditation on the mountain.Since excel for better body shape, you ever considered to be part of modelingut?No, modelingu be more discipline. I do not have it and do not want to be the object of many people. Everyone to tamper for themselves, someone in hair, someone in the face, while I have my principles and never disobey someone. If they say, "Make hair so, I do the opposite (laughs).Your favorite singer, Albanian and foreign?We do not have any particular preference. There are some that I like, rather any songs.What is music to you?Music for me is to convey to the public the spiritual inspiration although definitely should not be any real experience relevant to our lives.Your opinion on Albanian men. Who are the handsome, those of Albania or Kosovo?Albanian men in general are beautiful in appearance, but when you talk to most of them unfortunately have a mentality not above vision. My father is a liberal and modern than some young boys. I do not appreciate the beauty and so many men. Attracts more intelligence, consciousness and character.To assess what more the character of a man?To appreciate the character of a guy who has the relationship with his parents, because a man who does not respect parents, no matter what and how are they to me no chance even for society. Then leave for something more. And the more I appreciate the humanitarian spirit. Respect, tolerance and should be very optimistic and energetic.What will not ever forgive your loved ones?There is probably something that has not a prayer.Shkendije you love and what is love for you?Yes, in my heart is only God. Love that man can have with God is with great love, and for the boyfriend or husband to whom God has made them risk, it is lucky. God said, "when I have something I want to be loved you" and it is temporary, while the love of God is eternal. God is changing the hearts as He wishes.Are arguably the media that have made interventions in the buttock and facial plastic. Since once you learn the best out of your mouth, can you tell us what is the truth?No, I have not done plastic intervention.A part of the public about your photos that are expressed more provocative and erotic. How do you react when you read such comments?'m Erotic itself (laughs).Rumors bother you and what specifically?No do not bother at all, besides how to get sins.I know that for the month of Ramadan fast. This is the first time that fast and what it means for you trust in God?Fast since the day I read about Islam and it has a few years. I thank Allah that with me that I selected the one of His fasting. I have always believed in God even when I have a knowledge of Islam. Faith in God is a feeling you can not describe in words, but I can say that I cry from joy when I talk to my God and prayer that does not accept me. Indeed, sometimes the worst comes, because when you get it to do what I am asked how I feel happiness in the moment of meditation when I am alone with him. Happiness during prayer and meditation is wonderful.You have seen covered with handkerchiefs. Shkendije you pray and ask forgiveness for what the Lord more?Yes, it is very true that I had a handkerchief, so I was covered and thank the Lord who calls me five times a day for the meeting. I apologize for everything, for those who know and those who do not know, mostly apologize for the discovery of beauty.Any professional project soon? What specifically?If I have something in this regard, but will tell you, when I have accomplished. Albina George

Husayn urinating statue of Skanderbeg (Photo)

The rapper known, Prince Double H all know how Husayn, was turned into everyone's attention with a gesture quite controversial.
The rapper, who has long since stopped activity, seen urinating in the statue of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg.
Thus report a few pages on Facebook, who published his picture and urinating on the statue of our national hero.
This act of Hussein believed to be due to extreme religious beliefs. It seems that the rapper is part of the layer of people who believe that Skanderbeg is not our national hero because he killed Muslims in defense of Albanian lands.
Husayn also through his songs has expressed his religious beliefs, as long as there has been active on the art or the media until one day, when reported to have made ​​this gesture.
Prince Double H is known for its bloody conflict with Victor, a conflict from which emerged a few songs that even today are hymns Albanian hip hop.
How do you rate the benchmark gesture Prince Double H? Express yourself in the space for comments ...

Amazing last change made

Afrim Mucuqi miraculously escapes

Afrim Mucuqi known singer, had not the good fortune that these hot days of summer weddings to go through various informal gathering of friends, as it is learned. He last week suffered a traffic accident where no escape without injuries.
For accident suffered singer himself has confirmed, describing the extent remembers, the time of occurrence.
"It is true that I suffered a traffic accident. The accident happened on the road as I was returning from Skopje to Pristina and there is more rolling cars. I remember as a result of dormancy has been my driving, "said the singer.

Wiley, about love?

Covered Nora!

The singer from Kosovo, Norah Jones, while in Abu Dhabi visited a mosque, where he was supposed to cover all parts of the body, as will the country.
It seems that traditional Muslim dress, Nora had impressed so much and has posted a picture on social networks during the visit he had made ​​Mosque.
In recent days the singer is holding a trip to Arab countries.

Amazing Girl and her crazy style

Its audience through the concert consists primarily of minors and young persons age, however, the singer tries to bring new spirit Albanian scene ...

Wiley, about love?

Tuna has made ​​enemies

Tuna has made ​​enemies. And those are two women, probably from Pristina.
Genta Enka and made ​​a diss Tune, which have been subject to 'bird' her and her stage appearances, broadcast reporter.
In Enka songs and Genta explicitly insult. Girls, who seem to be in the picture to show the video of Tune say that is consumed and that has 'pissed bird'.
Listen to the song!