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Tune boyfriend speaks: I meet in a club

He is charming and very well-liked by girls. It seems that Cozman presented himself as rrepist, but also as a loving son. Following the publication of cooperation between Cozman and Tuna Sedje sexy singer was also made public their relationship of love. In the video they appear physically very close to each other, offering scenes 'hot' for viewers. But despite his great curiosity to the public for the connection of two teenagers, Cozman prefers to talk less about this part.
Yet he admits Tune connection. His real name is Rainbow and Lot was born in Pristina. Lived for many years in London and there have even been nicknamed "Cozman". For more than a year, the boy from Pristina has joined the group of hip hop "Babastars" and is enjoying success in music, that it is becoming even greater.What is your origin? Where were you born, where you grew up?
My origin is Kosovo. I was born in Pristina and in the town I spent my childhood. Then at the age of 13 - year I went to London to live there. Today I am 28 years old.If your real name who is?My real name is Rainbow Lot, summer transmits pages.
Why have you chosen nickname "Cozman"? What does it mean?
Nicknamed "Cozman" have me put my British friends when I lived in London. They were unable to say the word "Kosovo" and chanted "Coz-man", which means "man or man from Kosovo". It turned a nice nickname.How long dealing with music?
It became a year to deal specifically with the music, then work in the field of music. Since the beginning I worked with "Babastars" and I've made three songs so far.
What was the first time that you paste in a scene?
The first stage was the label, together with a song "Babastars".Tune In, where you know?
In Tune have some time to get acquainted. For the first time we met in a night club in Pristina.You have a lovely singer and love story ... Tell us a bit more about your story ...
Are known, we liked each other and so we created a link. I prefer not to talk much about this topic and not give other details about my relationship with Tune.The idea for a collaboration, it was yours or the Tune?
The idea for a musical collaboration between me and Tune has been Getoar Selim. Not only was he who gave me the idea, but the song did. So Getoari conducted text and music of the song "Fenix".
We showed that in this busy period with concerts ... You invite two couples to sing, or separately?I have also sung separately in concerts with the group "Babastars" of course, but without Tune. But now, after our song "Fenix" has become hit and I liked a lot, even go to concerts with Tune. In both concerts go, sing our songs first and then the duo who have together.When you plan to publish a single song?
Very soon ... After coming August the new songs, which will be collaboration with the label, and of course staples of "Babastars".Tirana, have you visited? You like?
I love Tirana. I have many friends in Tirana.
How do you find the music market in Albania? Which of your colleagues assesses the most?
I can speak for mainstream hiphop, which I think is good, but I have to say that hip-hop is better in Kosovo. From my colleagues, who absolutely appreciate more than others is Getoar Aegis. Except appreciate his talent, he is one of the people who pushed me to do music. Always telling me, "You're the right one, you can do it". And from his words, I am where I am today.