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Morena Taraku: You tell my hot days


Morena Taraku has won the crown of beauty in Kosovo, and there has become a beloved character. Finally it was made known by the public of Albania, who often see beautiful blonde platform advertises as 'Digitalb'. Morena has Mediterranean charm and a smile to everyone's attention. Journalist future studies focused on, because he wants to be part of the television world. But in this period Morena is focusing heavily on vacation ... Where and who will pass Kosovarja sexy hot days? Find out in this interview.
Morena, what you are dealing with these days?
In this period is to give savor the pleasures of summer season.We first engaged as an image of 'Net' ... does this mean for you?It is a work of my everyday life, Bluetooth transmits.
What is your relationship with the sport, being that the ad presents a franchise that is related to sports?Once I got to karate. Now my connection to sports is another thing.
Meanwhile, by the time you are revealed 'miss', Kosovo lacks such a ... feels privileged for this?I feel privileged because this is a price which magnifies the beauty of Albanian women.What do you think shows the beauty?
I think that these shows feminine beauty emerge.Believes that beauty is everything in life?
God forgive beauty, so I think that is important.How helped the beauty on the road to success?
Do not give anything more than self-esteem. There are other things that make the success, communication, behavior, education, being human, professional discipline and sincerity.Do you like TV? Want to engage full-time in?
Television I like because I finish the Faculty of Journalism, and a day will definitely be involved in it.Have you suffered prejudice of the 'miss', because many say that' miss'-offs are not smart?
Not at all suffer from prejudice, because I have no time even to hear. I am very good and commitments involved in the life that I have. Wisdom is not measured by the words of men, they are useless prejudices.How has supported the family in the way you choose?
I grew up with this family experience, to support not lacking even today I have not missed even in the beginning ... It's everyday family.From the members of your family made?
Father, brother and me. It is a triple very dear to me.How has weakened the loss of loved ones in life?
There has weakened, rather more strengthened. Each loss has become the mainstay for me.As the mother yearns for?
Every day more than the day I lost.What do you like most about a man?
Nothing but sincerity. To every man like this.When you first kiss?
First kiss mom and I donated jealously guard it (laughs).What do you think about summer, where he will spend the holidays and with whom?
I made two holiday times so far. These days I travel to other vacation with dad. Last time I was in New York. / Fishmedia /