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Tuna: Cozman has a very big heart

Tuna Skopje singer has decided to speak openly sentimental life for the first time at Prive show.
It is one of the most përfoluar singers of the moment, and her private life to the public's curiosity. Tuna Prive has confessed to displacement in Kosovo and relationship with rapper Cozman.
"I left the family and everything in Skopje, because of commitments, which are more numerous Kosovo. Because I was constantly suitcase up and down, saw fit to buy a house here, "she said initially.
"It has been said many times and twice-told the media about my personal life, which I tried to defend hermetically.
What can I say and I want the public to know is that emotionally I am happier than ever. ""
Cozy is a man with a big heart. The man with the biggest heart I've known so far. You deserve a 'thank you' and a great admirer of mine, for all the positive energy that brings and has brought consistently throughout the work we have had. Colleague is first and foremost a very good and understandable ".
This implies that the couple is very happy in the company of each other, feeling as if they are in seventh heaven, although none have yet given a statement with their mouth to confirm the connection.