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Husayn urinating statue of Skanderbeg (Photo)

The rapper known, Prince Double H all know how Husayn, was turned into everyone's attention with a gesture quite controversial.
The rapper, who has long since stopped activity, seen urinating in the statue of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg.
Thus report a few pages on Facebook, who published his picture and urinating on the statue of our national hero.
This act of Hussein believed to be due to extreme religious beliefs. It seems that the rapper is part of the layer of people who believe that Skanderbeg is not our national hero because he killed Muslims in defense of Albanian lands.
Husayn also through his songs has expressed his religious beliefs, as long as there has been active on the art or the media until one day, when reported to have made ​​this gesture.
Prince Double H is known for its bloody conflict with Victor, a conflict from which emerged a few songs that even today are hymns Albanian hip hop.
How do you rate the benchmark gesture Prince Double H? Express yourself in the space for comments ...