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Haradinaj spends thousands of euros, wedding anniversary

This celebration was held in the most luxurious in Pristina and says that all cost about 20 thousand euros. Pijata per person paid 28 euros and the amount collected the tables here, about 800 together amounted to 17 640 euros.
The hosts are well cared for decoration, like covers that have cost over 700 euros, fresh flowers over a thousand euros, installations, swimming pools etc..
Guests have been politicians, artists, friends, family, and everything went as it had planned and Ramush Anita. To the delight of the guests was singer looked Muqiqi Approach and later Dafina sang to entertain more guests.
Present was the state's first lady Atifete Jahjaga. Last Deseri were fireworks in the sky that they reach a large sum of money.