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Bays, Tune: Take lesson

Tune fighting continues between media and her rival, already plotter, Gjirës. After the attack by the Bays with the song "Do not ruin the image" where the singer tries to unmask Tune controversial gesture of touching the "bird" Tuna also reacted with a thumb to the Gjirës.
"I do not cure patients. Until now I had my way too much trouble, but I was real. I was always that I am today, the direct and correct my style. There have been many who have tried to achieve fame in my heels, but not ... But they got wind, "said Tuna's show" Prive "the Klan Kosova.
It seems that this statement did not like at all Gjirës, which remotely has "hit" Tune, calling him a "whore".
In a series of posts on the official Facebook page, Bays Tune charged again for her gesture.